Yatching Sound Installation

Aesthetics design

Yachting creates the idea of ​​an unprecedented combination of adventure and luxury living. Today's innovative technologies include sleek, compact speakers measuring just 2.2cm wide that enhance your comfort without sacrificing style or space. Customize your experience by choosing from a wide range of colors to match any RAL code, including the option of a luxurious 24-karat gold plating that integrates the speakers into your unique aesthetic vision.
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Outdoor solutions

Absolutely, marine products need that special coating to shield against corrosion and to be waterproof, ensuring they can endure tough conditions for the long haul.

Cataphoresis treatment based on epoxy resin is used, galvanic coating, zirconium nanopowders are used in the formation phosphate coatings-all this is offered be the Italian brand K-array. Only high quality materials such as durable stainless steel. The cone speakers are waterproof and UV resistant processed.
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K-ARRAY is an innovative leader in the manufacture of high-tech professional loudspeaker systems, headquartered in San Piero a Cité, Italy.

Advanced PAT line array speaker solutions

This technology is especially beneficial for spaces with high ceilings and reverberant materials, like glass or concrete, which can cause sound distortion and ambient noise.

Discreet and personalized audio solutions

Our products make installation easy with in-wall mounting or recessed options, no special accessories needed. Customize with various RAL colors and premium finishes for a sleek look.

Balancing sound across spaces

Our new multi-room network system, controlled via K-Control, offers a customizable dashboard and app for easy device management and enhanced user experience.

Integration with other system

K-ARRAY provides solutions for seamless integration with popular control systems like Crestron Home, Control4, AMX, and more. Download third-party plug-ins from our software and amplifier web pages.

Durability and Maintenance

K-ARRAY speakers will help you meet these demands exceptionally. The speaker’s components are chosen for their ability to withstand the test of time and their capacity to resist varying weather conditions.
Integration on Yachts
Explore the latest sound solutions from K-array showcased in our gallery, with further details available in the catalog below.